Why “Your” Cannot Be Used in Place of “You’re”?

Your is used to refer to something that belongs to you while you’re is a contraction (short form) of “you are”.  See below examples:

  • Where are all your clothes and shoes?
  • You’re going to be 12 years old this August.

While switching between your and you’re  in speech will not be noticed, writing your in place of you’re will make your readers think you are either silly or sloppy. Check out why they cannot be interchanged:

  • INCORRECT: “Your giving yourself more trouble than you need.”
  • CORRECT: “You’re giving yourself more trouble than you need.”
  • INCORRECT: I will extend a hand if your willing to unclench you’re fist.
  • CORRECT: I will extend a hand if you’re willing to unclench your fist.

Used informally, your means  something that is a typical or normal example of a particular thing/type. Examine you’re and your  in this sentence:

  • You’re not trying, you’re whining,” is your typical response to complaints.
Designed by Neil Yamit