Which is Right: "I hate being shouted." or "I hate being shouted at."?

Have you been taught that sentences should not end in prepositions? Prepositions do not carry as much weight or importance as nouns, verbs, and adjective so most Writing gurus forbid us from placing them at the end of sentences - where we put words we need to emphasize.

Although this rule remains true and recommended in most formal writing, it is normal to end sentences with prepositions in real English conversations. In fact, many nouns, verbs and adjectives are typically used with particular prepositions. 

Note that in informal style, prepositions can come at the end of the sentence. Between the sentences 'I hate being shouted.' and 'I hate being shouted at.', the correct form is 'I hate being shouted at.' Similarly, these structures are also correct:

  • What are you thinking about?
  • He's just the guy I was looking for.
  • My boss is not easy to talk to. 
  • Your lunch has been paid for
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