What is the Difference Between “Quite” and “Quiet”?

For some ESL learners, it is confusing to distinguish quite from quiet. Although both words are spelled differently, this pair can appear similar to novice ESL writers and speakers. Check out below examples:

  • Tina was quiterelieved when it was all over.
  • My mom couldn’t keep quiet about our surprise and told everyone.

Remember that quite is an adverb similar to the meaning of very or completely while quiet is an adjective that means not loud or noisy. These words are not pronounced the same: quite has only one syllable [kwahyt], quiet has two [kwahy-it]. Carefully consider below sentences:

  • Danny asked you to return his call. I think it’s quite important.
  • I never quite understood why I had chosen him as my partner.
  • Pascal said that all men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone.
  • Our Yoga instructor told us to pay attention to the still, quiet voice of intuition and instinct.
Designed by Neil Yamit