What is the Difference between "Fewer" and "Less"?

As a rule, we use few before a small number of people or things we can count, and little before a small amount of something we cannot count, as shown in these examples:

  • Few men believe that life begin at 40.
  • We spend little time studying since MTV came about.

Fewer is the comparative form of few so fewer is used before countable plural nouns (e.g. gadgets, boyfriends, incidents, etc.). Check out below sentences:

  • Few kids enjoy Geography, and even fewer study it.
  • Some women have fewer comic books than men.

The comparative form of little is less. Use less before non-countable nouns (i.e. tea, love, sugar, anger, etc.). It can also be used with numbers (alone) and with expressions of time and measurement, as shown below.

Non-Countable Nouns

  • My new shampoo causes less hair fall.
  • The couple want a house with less furniture.


  • Try to eat less than 1500 calories a day to lose weight.
  • Earn $1000 in less than a week by writing helpful posts for a website.
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