What is Conversion?

Conversion, also called Zero Derivation, is the functional shift of a word from one part of speech to another without any change in form (i.e. adding affixes or omitting letters). 

What are the types of Conversion?

Most cases of conversion are from noun to verb and from verb to noun. Conversion from adjective to verb is also common, but it has a lower ratio.

1. Noun to Verb  


  • access
  • pocket
  • film
  • practice
  • name
  • shape
  • fuel
  • hammer
  • dot
  • break
  • host
  • rule
  • telephone
  • and ship

2.  Adjective to Verb


  • goofproof
  • brown
  • black
  • slow

3. Verb to Noun


  • fear
  • feel
  • hope
  • attack
  • alert
  • laugh
  • visit
  • increase
  • call
  • command
  • cover
  • start
  • turn
  • rise

4. Preposition to Adverb/Noun/Verb


  • up
  • out
  • outside
  • inside

5. Onomatopoeic expression to Verb


  • buzz
  • beep
  • woo
  • moo
  • screech

How to Use Conversion?

Say each sentence out loud. The italicized words are examples of commonly used "converted" words.

Don't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

Gary showed no sign of pain or remorse.

Bush once said, "Families is where our nation takes hope, where wings take dream."

You'd have domestic production falling, whole cities blacked out, whole industries threatened.

I get distracted whenever mobile phones begin to buzz and beep.

Designed by Neil Yamit