What is Blending?

Blending is a process of forming a new word by taking and combining parts (e.g. syllables) of two (rarely, three or more) source words. The new word formed is called a blend. 

What are the types of Blend?

Blends, according to Plag (2003), come in two types: Proper blends and Improper blends. 

1. Improper Blends

 the meaning of the first word is modified when combined with the other word. The new word carries the meaning of the second word (i.e. breathalyzer is a kind of analyzer, not a kind of breath).


  • breath + analyzer = breathalyzer 
  • motor + camp = mocamp 
  • motor + hotel = motel 

2. Proper Blends

In this type, the new word contains the combined meaning of both source words. For instance, a boatel is both a boat and a hotel.

  • breakfast + lunch = brunch 
  • channel + tunnel = chunnel
  • modulator + demodulator = modem 
  • stagnation + inflation = stagflation
  • sheep + goat = shoat
  • prim + sissy = prissy
  • motor + cavalcade = motorcade
  • cybernetic + organism = cyborg
  • chuckle + snort = chortle
  • spoon + fork = spork
  • web + seminar = webinar
  • education + entertainment = edutainment
  • sex + expert = sexpert
  • guess + estimate = guesstimate
  • travel + monologue = travelogue
  • California + fornication = Californication 

How to Use Blending?

Most clipped compounds are blends. Strictly, however, complex clipping is done by preserving and combining initial parts (or first syllables) of a compound word, likesitcom in "situation comedy", not by joining inital and ending syllables, like the blend travelogue from "travel" and monologue.


Lewis Caroll has invented blends like slithy, chortle, and gallumph by combining "slimy and lithe", "chuckle and snort", and "gallop and triumph", respectively.


According to the news, if US continues its current path, the 1970's stagflation might return. (stagnation + inflation)


Only the Philippines and the US used electrocution on death row inmates . (electro + execution) 

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