About ESL Philippines

What is ESL Philippines?

English as a Second Language Philippines contains easy-to-use ESL lessons and free learning resources for ESL teachers. All self-paced ESL lessons are based on reference books highly recommended by English educators and researchers.

Who is this site for?

ESL Philippines is designed to help ESL teachers speak, write, and teach English correctly and confidently. Apart from lessons, ESL PH has a section where ESL tutors can create profiles for prospective students and employers. Employers can also post job ads for teachers and tutors at our "Jobs" section. 

Why ESL Philippines?

The demand for learning and teaching English as a Second Language has not declined over the past decades and English is likely to remain as the world's most important language. ESL Philippines, created by Neil, the web designer, and Issa, the content writer, aims to bring handy instructional materials to improve the English proficiency of ESL users around the world. 

Learn to become an effective speaker and writer of the most widely used language in science and business.

Sharpen your English through ESL.PH now - for free.

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