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English as a Second Language Philippines is a site containing self-guided and self-paced ESL learning resources intended for ESL students and teachers. All ESL lessons are based on various references highly recommended by English educators, researchers, and ESL school managers and operators.

How to Pick the Right ESL Book in Just 5 Minutes

Find out how to choose the right ESL books for your students in just 5 minutes.

How to Use "Pass by" Correctly?

Check out how to use "pass by" correctly - and stop embarrassing yourself.

Which is Right: "I hate being shouted." or "I hate being shouted at."?

Do you cut the preposition when you see it at the end of the sentence? Check some contexts where prepositions cannot be dropped.

Five ESL Mentors You Must Meet

Who are your ESL superheroes who saved you from your most-pressing teaching dilemmas? Check out five of my favorite ESL mentors.

What are Conditional Clauses?

Conditionals are one of the most complicated grammar concepts to master. Familiarize yourself with their main types through this straightforward lesson.

How to Use "For What It's Worth"?

The informal expression "for what it's worth" can help ESL speakers sound natural. Get to know how to use it correctly and confidently.

Don't Commit this Modal Slip

Today's proofreading advice: always check your verbs after modals.

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